Monday, March 17, 2008

Caiguna side

Well it was time to start some work on what I like to call the Caiguna side of the house. First I had to pull up the old bricks in the ground and the huge cement tiles, and then leavel out the ground. I wanted to pave the very end of the strip so when we get our trailer back from over east we can push it up into that space. That's when our neighbour David Jones..... yes we have to keep up with the Joneses, asked if we wanted some pavers that he was gonna chuck out in a skip! Well does Jack Newton swim in circles? bloody oath i'll take them. So that fixed that and now we had our pavers which we then layed, the sheilah who had the place before us left heaps of rocks out the back so we used them along the edge. Then we planted a little bush and gave it a hit of mulch and chucked in an old dog house that we picked up on the side of the road for the council pick-up (Dad coming out of me). It comes in handy as when the mormens come knocking and it's a closed gate and you can see a dog house...... join the dots! Not even the mormans think that God can save them from a friggin' hungry doggie.

Then when all those jobs were done it was just a case of giving the side fence a paint job so it goes with the rest of our fences and that was it. And here is the finished job, doesn't look that bad if I might say so myself. In the future we are thinking of moving the little tree next to the fence so as not to reck the fence with it's roots, but that's another post hay!