Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to the Indian Ocean side

Well it was time to finish the other side of the house, where we started by fixing up the furnury. Now it was time to start making the fence look a bit better. First things first, I took three photos so I could show you a bitter idea what the frount looks like, pretty cool hay.

First thing was to put up lattice work along the top of the fence as the kiddies had a bad habit of throwing balls over the fence. Now putting lattice work up doesn't take as long as painting them, trust me. See this little bush next to our small tree, well when we got here there wasn't anything there. But over night a little bush popped up so I just left it to take care of it's self, now you can see that it's taken off pretty good so we'll just leave it alone and see what happens. Then with the lattice work up it was time to paint the whole fence line, another all day job. You can see the grass and the mulch hay, well when we came here the grass was all dead. So I made a line around the edge of the fence and dug up all the dead grass and put down the mulch. That would cut down half of my watering and save us a bit of moolah, and we also popped in a couple of baby roses (Rosie junior and Rosie junior junior) and where you see the step ladder we put in two kangaroo paws.

Now yours truly forgot to take a finished photo of the job, so I just went outside and took three photos and did the same as I did ages ago. So now you can see the finished job but it's been awhile hay.As you can see what I mean. Since then I have put down a few loads of woodchip and the windmill and a few more flowers. You can see how long it's been just by looking at the size of that bush that came out of nowhere, and if you look very closely you might see the two kangaroo paws that came up (just next to our small tree). But all in all it came up pretty flamin' good hay.