Friday, March 21, 2008

Our old windmill

Yes the Sandgropers have their very own Windmill.

Okay it mightn't be a brand new one but with a bit of hard work and lots of paint it might scrub up okay. We picked up this old windmill along the side of the road waiting for the council pick-up to come along and chuck it in the back, and for the poor old thing it would of been 'Good night the fox'.
But to its luck along come a old tight-assed fella who could see it's inner beauty and the thought of saving a few bob, and before it knew what was happening it was back in our shed and getting pulled apart.

After pulling it apart I had to use the old rivet gun that me old man brought for me a few years ago, and not having a welder it made it a fair bit harder but with lots of hammering and more rivets then you can point a friggin' stick at, it started to look like a small windmill.

Then it was just a case of giving it a few coats of rust prof paint, and putting it all back together. We then found a beaut little place to pop it in the front garden and wait for a bit of wind. Of cause we didn't have to wait for long as every afternoon we have the fremantle doctor come in and before you could say 'Bob's ya uncle'. The old windmill started to spin like crazy and has ever since.... you little beauty.

So now we have our own Southern Cross Windmill spinning about every day and I reckon it's a little beauty.