Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our first fence down

Well after spending hours and hours painting our back fence so it looked real beaut, along came a windy night and the next morning this is what we woke up too. In this beaut state of Western Australia they come up with some real strange things, in this case they love to build fences like these ones. For people who don't live in Gods own country these fences are just shoved into the ground and covered in with sand. But when they fall down which because their just shoved into the ground it's gonna happen quite often, they don't just fall out and down, oh no... they snap of at the base. Now that might be okay if you want to put them back into the ground and have a small fence (half the size of the old one), but if you want your fence back you have to replace the whole bloody thing (thank God for home Insurance). By the way Rosie the rosebush was bloody lucky that we had two trees each side of her, or she might of been done like a dogs dinner!

Now hear is just one other thing that's quite funny, did you know that this kind of fence i've only seen in Western Australia isn't made in WA. Oh no that makes to much sense, so they go all the way to friggin' Queensland where the bananabenders make it for us dopey Sandgropers. Now because these fences fall down every time the wind blows 'Surprise Surprise' their's a huge waiting list to replace these type of fence panels (you have to wait for up to five months, strewth) by the way they call this type of fence HARDIFENCE, fairdinkum their not to friggin' hardy to me mate.
So it costs a little bit more but believe me it's flamin' worth it, and you replace this silly bloody Queensland made fence with the tried and proven COLORBOND FENCE. It's almost imposable to brake this type of fence, well we will find out pretty soon anyway now my bloody kiddies have gotten their hands on it. It comes with a ten year warranty but I don't think their taken into account the Jackofactor!!!

So this is our new backyard fence and doesn't it look real beaut. As you can see we already had a green colorbond fence halfway across our backyard so they did a beaut job matching the colour hay.