Friday, January 4, 2008

The Indian Ocean side

Well the first thing we done around the house was to paint the whole inside but we didn't take any photos so the next thing I stated at was the left side of the house. When we moved in the little old shed was rusting and their was no tiles just sand, and next to the house was a bloody old bush and an old rock pond that was filled in with sand and was right in the middle of the walkway, pretty smart place to put it! We didn't take any photos so you will just have to imagine what it was like, but we have to start somewhere so I attacked the bush. With the bush out we broke up the old pond and leveled out the floor of sand. With money being tight I started making the tiles out of cement! Fairdinkum it took bloody ages to set but month after month I started to lay tile after tile around the walkway, and before we knew it I had finish the first part.

The next job was to paint the old shed which was just a day job with two coats and then on to job no3 which was to pull down the old green shade cloth. Now before we started the side of the house was always rough and dark. So I thought we might brighten it up with a light brown shade cloth instead of the green stuff. And finally before putting the new shade cloth up we had to sand back the wooden fernery and then paint it. And just to have a bit more fun i was about to paint all the fences around the house. So i then painted the back fence before putting up the shade cloth.

And here is the almost finished project, when I say almost it is because I always wanted this area to be a little fernery up the front and a bike rack for the pushbikes at the back next to the shed. But as you can see it's up and going and looks a lot better then before. Now I just have to get started on that bike rack before all the bikes rust! And as always after the job is done something makes sense to you, like if you make the place more light and bright then it's gonna be hot in summer. oh....... that's probably why most of me friggin' plants died! bummer, so job no5 will be to make a roof for the top of the fernery to keep the sun of those poor little plants, lucky I kept the old shade cloth so i'll use it for that and do as they say "RECYCLE" the old stuff.... cool.